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Students' Association

KNUST understands that education of students under their leadership can be enhanced through the provision of opportunities and benefits beyond the classroom. The university believes that talents of students can be identified and harnessed through activities of student organizations especially when they do not conflict with the programmes and policies of the university. As a result, the Department encourages such organizations, two of which are: the Architecture Students Association of Ghana (ASAG) and Architecture Christian Fellowship (ACF). Depending on the focus of the student organization, their affairs are coordinated by the Dean of Students or the Student Chaplaincy Council who provide mainly administrative support for student activities.

ASAG is the main student organization for all students in the Department of Architecture. The association relays concerns of students and input to the faculty and administration of this department. In addition, they organize activities where they socialize, educate themselves, and have fun. Periodic meetings are conducted with the leadership of the ASAG to address issues of concerns.

The ACF is a student organization for all Christians in the Department. With weekly meetings on Friday evenings, they have various activities including outreach programmes to orphanages, prisons, and carols night service.