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Research Areas

The Department continues with its rural survey in the second year and urban survey in the third year whilst the fifth year also studies the Central Business District of Kumasi. Additionally, the Department has been approached to undertake a rural study on the impact of gold mining activities in New Abirem in the Eastern Region. In the month of February 2009, sixteen graduate students led by Prof. G. W. K. Intsiful and Dr. V. Kootin-Sanwu engaged in a joint study of Ayigya Township with graduate students and Lecturers from the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Holland. Hopefully, some staff and students will present the results of the study at the 4th International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam in September 2009.

"Achieving the benefits of Constructability in Ghana: A look at design rationalization."

 "Conversion and Modification of housing: Global versus local perspectives in Kumasi."

 "Social housing, the urban and the surfeit of rents: evidence from Accra."

 "Contemporary housing design and the urban poor: reflections from Ghana."

1. Prof. G. W. K. Intsiful's paper entitled "The Impact of Globalization on Local Architecture in Ghana", originally
presented as a Conferennce Paper in Berlin, Germany, was published in the book Architecture and Identity in Germany in 2008. Editors: Peter Herrleand Erik Wegerhoff, ISBN 978-3-8258-1088-7.