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Student Staff Ratio

While there is no guarantee that having more staff compared to the students improves teaching and research in an institution, a higher staff proportion to students ensures more contact hours and increases the value students obtains from the degree. As a result, the Department of Architecture strives to maintain respectable student-staff ratio despite university administration and national protestations. Thus, in the past five years, the number of students admitted to the first year classes has been reasonably controlled to satisfy, to some degree, a respectable Staff/ student ratio, acceptable for good quality Schools of Architecture such as ours.

The Department has an average student population of about 450, comprising 345 students at the undergraduate level and 105 in the graduate programmes. With a full-time staff capacity of 17, the present staff/student ratio is approximately 1: 26. However, with an additional part-time staff of 8 (five architects in the design studios and three service lecturers), the staff/student ratio is approximately 1:21.4, using the formula that a part-timer is considered half the Full Time Equivalent (FTE). There are plans to hire a few more full time staff in order to meet the recommended ratio of 18 by the National Council of Tertiary Education in Ghana.